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More than General Administration Tasks

I have a particular interest in Business Management Systems and Customer or Client Focused Workflows.

Please see some service offerings listed below:

Develop & Implement systems including;

  • CRM
  • Automated Business Workflows
  • Online Calendars & Booking Software
  • Secure Online or Cloud File Storage
  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking Platforms
  • Integrate Online & Web Applications
  • Create, Update & Maintain Website including WordPress;
  • Copywriting;
  • Updating Plugins;
  • Replying to Comments;
  • Making SEO enhancements;
  • Website Metrics i.e. Google Analytics & Pixels;
  • Identify & Research Target Market;
  • Writing Product Descriptions;
  • Creating and Managing Promotions;
  • Product Launch Management;
  • Designing Brochures;
  • Webinar Support;
  • Monitoring Email Inbox;
  • Set up Filtering, Replying and/or Archiving Incoming Emails;
  • Set Up Email Marketing Account;
  • Add Email Opt-In to Website;
  • Designing Email Content/Templates;
  • Develop & Document Start Up Procedures;
  • Design Client Welcome Packet;
  • Complete Business Proposals;
  • Building/Managing Client Databases;
  • File Management;
  • Data entry;
  • Generate Reports;
  • Create Slide Presentations;
  • New Branded Account Set Up;
  • Scheduling Posts;
  • Original Content Creation
  • Develop Landing Pages;
  • Interacting with Followers;
  • Introduce Scheduling Tools;
  • Onboarding New Clients;
  • Schedule Client Bookings;
  • Process Orders and Shipments;
  • Responding to Customer Queries, Creating Email Responses or FAQ Page with answers to common questions;
  • Regularly Checking In with Long-term Clients;
  • Dealing with Customer Complaints and Refund Requests;

Packages are customised to meet client needs

I offer set package rates for various tasks or projects.

Although I am happy to work with each client to identify their specific needs and tailor suitable packages accordingly.

Request a Pricing Estimate as a starting point.


Thank you to Amanda at Virtually Anything Virtual Assistant.

Apart from amazing, friendly and professional customer service, we have noticed a huge improvement in quality of leads and social media engagement.

Her knowledge of social media marketing has far exceeded our expectations..

Kylie -


I cannot thank Amanda enough she has been assisting my business since it's inception. She has turned it into a thriving business that continues to grow.

I highly recommend Virtually Anything Virtual Assistant for their dedication and excellent work ethic.

Lesley -

My Teepee Dreams

I would like to do a huge shout out to Amanda for her tireless efforts over the past months! Amanda's knowledge and skill has streamlined our website and automated systems into a well oiled machine!

I highly recommend getting in touch with Amanda if you need help with your website or for any of your virtual assistant needs.

Thank you so much!!

Martin -


Finding Amanda was the best thing I could have done for my business. Her unfailing helpfulness has got me through some pretty frustrating times and her advice on a whole range of topics has really enhanced my business profile.

Thanks Amanda, you being a really nice person is an added bonus!

Karen -

Lifestyle Junction

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