What is a digital VA PLANNER

A Digital Planner allows you to be interactive, make notes using your iPad (or preferred tablet) instead of printing and paper.

The Digital Planner is a PDF version. This PDF file can be imported into your favourite note taking app where you can work through each step of the planner using your iPad (or preferred tablet).

New to Digital planners

Digital Planners can be so much FUN and they aren’t just for young, tech savvy people.

If you’re interested to use your digital planner but not sure ‘where to start?’. I will walk you through the steps to get you set up and started in no time.

I highly recommend you give it a try.

Things you’ll need

    1. Tablet & Stylus
    2. Note-Taking App
    3. Your Digital VA Planner

Tablet & Stylus

Our Digital Planners are compatible with both iPads and Tablets, so you can use your preferred device.

You will also need a stylus – again, there are so many options to choose, from the Apple Pen to a more basic stylus. If you’re not happy with the feel of one, I would recommend trialing another as it will come down to personal preference. The choice is yours!

Note-Taking App



Our Digital Planners are can be uploaded into a Note-Taking App to allow digital use.

They are intended to be used with a tablet and stylus using a 3rd Party Annotation App – additional costs may apply to the purchase of the desired App. There are some Free options also available. Please see further detail on some available Apps below:

We will share 3 popular Note-Taking Apps – each have their own Strengths & Weakness.

We have outlined a few below to help you choose the preferred App.

Launch a VA Business
VA Business Plan


Price $12.99 AUD


NIL Audio Recording

Multi-Platform + Computer

More Information on Getting Started with Goodnotes here


Price $13.99 AUD


Audio Recording Available

Multi-Platform + Computer

More Information on Getting Started with Notability here


FREE – at time of publishing


NIL Audio Recording

Multi-Platform + Computer

More Information on Getting Started with Xodo here

Some Apps will not support the pre-made tab links.

Uploading Digital Diaries

Once you have decided on the device, stylus, preferred Note-Taking App and purchased your Digital VA Planner, you are ready to upload.

Shortly after you have processed your order through our Check Out, you should receive an email with order confirmation and an access link to download your PDF – Digital VA Planner.

NOTE – you will only be able to use the download link, once for each Planner purchased as the link will expire.

We suggest saving the PDF file upon Download to your preferred Cloud Service e.g. iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.

The upload process may vary depending on the Note-Taking App. Here is a general guide of the upload steps:

  1. Open your Note-Taking App
  2. Click NEW then IMPORT
  3. Locate your PDF VA Planner from your Saved Location and Select the File.
  4. Your Digital VA Planner should now be available in your Note-Taking App. 
  5. You’re all Set and Ready to Start.

We hope you enjoy using your Digital VA Planner!

Best of luck!

Many thanks,

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